Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sweet sorrow

The sea ice is getting too sloppy to work on safely -- each step can drop you into a waist-deep pool of melt water. Time to make the last dive, pack camp, and head for home.

It's hard to say goodbye. We had a difficult, weather-abbreviated 2008 field season filled with logistical challenges due to the 10-yr-old ice. But the season was a success: sampling sites were surveyed, specimens were collected, experimental arrays deployed, and art was made. And -- most importantly -- no one was injured in the process.

I'm sure I speak for Molly and Sally when I say that five outstanding people made this season not only possible, but thoroughly enjoyable. Cecil Shin, Shawn Harper, Henry Kaiser, and Steve Clabuesch were an awesome team of divers.

G-093 divers: Cecil, Shawn, Henry, me, and Steve

In addition to dive tending, Claire Beynon worked within and behind the scenes to ensure that things got done and that our voices, visions, and music were heard worldwide.

Claire photographing ice lines

Eight souls aboard Explorers Cove field camp ... eight souls sad to leave it. I'm sure that we will cast long shadows together far into the future.

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