Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Of Hearts and Red

by Katherine Glenday

Our thoughts form us
And like the forams
And the caddis creatures
We live in our
Patterned habits

I can run with this
And do
Away from text and fact
And the common herded wayfare
Of thought and learned behaviour

It is too dense for me

I am overwhelmed already
And the truth of it
Scampers off somewhere
And snarls in the brambles
Beneath the woods
Of a forest of trees

I would rather drop my sounding bells
Below a frozen sea
And watch with my long distance heart
As my friends swim them down

To sing an angelus
On the ocean bed

Here all things are weighed
In the company of creatures
Who build their hearts on the sleeves
Of their houses.


  1. A lovely poem by dear friend and collaborator Katherine Glenday. Her lovely porcelain works accompanied us to Antarctica in 2006, and will again one day. Thank you Katherine!

    1. I do, of course, know this poem of Katherine's but had somehow 'misplaced' it, Sam. So, it is a pleasure to come upon her words/our shared 2008 world again. I would like to post her poem as part of my regular Tuesday Poem series - she will be happy to see it living a life out here, I'm sure. I will ask her now and include a link to your blog, too, yes? L, C