Saturday, February 4, 2012

More about a perfect dive hole

The BEST dive hole in 2011 was the last one fashioned, just days before we pulled out of Explorers Cove. Named "the Stockton site" in honor of Dr. Bill Stockton, fellow Antarctic researcher, this hole was made overnight using two Hotsies operating simultaneously.

Laura serves as a scale marker next to the Stockton hole

Bill mapped the density of the Antarctic scallop Adamussium colbecki on the seafloor back in the late 70's/early 80's, and we repeated his survey to see if there have been any changes since that time. This hole exposed an area where Bill reported as many as 80 scallops per square meter -- a huge density.

Adamussium colbecki

I'll report back with the findings once they're published. (Hint: yup, there were changes ...)


  1. The new movie "Big Miracle" is about whales and using heat to de-ice the holes for the whales that were rescued in the arctic in Alaska. I hope you see it.

  2. Hi Charlotte - Thanks for writing. I'll keep an eye out for that movie.

  3. i'd say you need an italian cook

  4. Big Miracle movie is on DVD. I don't know if you get streaming. It might already be streaming. Saturday was world wide walk a labyrinth day. Barbara Sher mentioned people signing up except from the poles so I THOUGHT about your labyrinth! The history of the whales was right before the Valdez happened near just a short time later. Not near you, and yet because of the ice, you might be interested in this stuff. Dad was on the USS Pine Island in 1947. He helped map the Antarctic.

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