Thursday, January 26, 2012

Touching the Sublime - like, in 2012?


YOU are, like, THE most AWESOME lifeform in the known universe

Like, if I was standing on the edge of the galaxy, looking in?
there would be this most AWESOME sight:

YOU - with, like, this awesome glow of energy?
streaming from you,
lighting up all the stars
Not just the nearby ones
but, like, ALL of them?

And you'd be, like, dancing with joy?
as you swirl and twirl around
planting smiles on all the creatures you encounter?

It would be REALLY awesome

And because I'd be on the EDGE of the galaxy
soooo, like, ready to drop off into nothingness?

It would be the most awesomely sublime thing

Know what I mean???


  1. Is this Climate Zone 1 or Climate Zone 0? What in blue blazes do you eat and drink? Have you seen Big Miracle, the movie?

  2. I have been invited by a journal to write about what people eat as far as quantities. Do you measure in weight or by volume what you eat? Do you have any way of growing greens in the Antarctic? (as in mini green houses/hydroponics?) What is the most common food people eat?