Sunday, November 21, 2010

Frances K. Bowser (March 6, 1912 - September 21, 2010)

Today I honored the memory of my dear grandmother, Frances K. Bowser, by installing InterfaCE VI on the seafloor at Explorers Cove.

Nana was a "pure" artist: she received no formal training, and painted from the heart. Landscapes and floral arrangements were her favorite subjects. She always offered encouragement when it came to creative projects. She didn't like me traveling to Antarctica and diving under the ice, but nevertheless sent cookies and a Halloween card as reminders of home each year.

On her death bed in September, I told her about the upcoming field season -- especially about our project's continued art/science collaborative work. Although blind, unable to speak, and in great pain, she held my hand firmly. Her labored breathing calmed, and I'm certain that a gentle smile swept across her face ...

I inherited a good chunk of her genome. In a sense, then, her appreciation of art lives on.

Planning installation in the Explorers Cove dive tent

Arranging the InterfaCE discs on the seafloor

Following installation: a cold ascent and safety stop below 3 meters of frozen ocean

The process photos shown above were taken by Cecelia Shin. Many thanks to the divers of project G-093 and B-043. More complete documentation of the installation will follow.

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  1. It’s very touching. Your grandma must be very proud of you. I am so glad to see your art work in Albany. Stay safe and warm under the water though.