Monday, September 27, 2010

Beginning a New Journey

This season I am traveling to Antarctica on two projects funded by the National Science Foundation. The first is a follow-up to our 2008 season; the second a continuation of our biological studies of Foraminifera. I'll be reporting on our experiences in the field for the next 10 weeks.

For now, a tiny slice of what I'm leaving behind:

Compost for the lawn ...

Next spring's grass

Do trees know yellow?


  1. Great blog!!!
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    Pablo from Argentina

  2. Good to see you back Sam. I look forward to hearing/reading of your adventures back on the ice. What a contrast, your world now, to these 3 pictorial slices. (Beautiful.)

  3. Good to see you back Sam, and all the best for this adventure. Your current world will be very different (and equally beautiful no doubt) to the slices of life you capture here. Go well, Pam