Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Three of a kind

Introducing the other two people who put G-093 together: Sally Walker (above, sporting her first dribble from the New Harbor coffee pot) and Molly Miller.  Sally is posting updates on her Antarctic experiences as "Postcards from the Poles" at the Windows to the Universe site.  Molly's website has links to her Antarctic experiences, too.

Sally studies modern ecosystems and their transformation into fossilized remains -- a science called taphonomy, which is crucial for interpreting past conditions on earth (and for predicting its future). Molly is a geologist/paleontologist who has studied fossils in Antarctica for many years. Together, we hope to arrive at a better understanding of the fossilization of Antarctic marine critters by comparing and contrasting different settings nearshore environments along western McMurdo sound.

Above, the three of us pose for a photo at Explorers Cove field camp.

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